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Who do I call to book on-demand travel?

To book a flight we welcome you to use our online booking service or call one of our PanAm.com Concierge Team members at 1-860-577-2626. Please be sure to have the following information to reserve an aircraft: departure city, arrival city, dates, takeoff or arrival times, and names of passengers. Your Concierge Team member will request any additional information that they may need.

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation to rent a personal jet?

PanAm.com operates 24/7/365. Our private jet charters can depart with as little as two hours' notice. As a general rule, it is a good idea to begin planning the PanAm.com flight at least one week in advance.

Can private charter aircraft fly into major airports?

Yes, major airports traditionally offer several FBO locations for your convenience. PanAm.com can access over 5,000 airports in the U.S. alone, compared with only 550 airports that can be accessed by commercial carriers. Chances are that there is a private charter accessible airport much closer to your actual destination than the airport required for commercial aviation. Internationally the ratio varies by country, but the same general rule applies worldwide.

Can we travel international with PanAm.com?

Yes, PanAm.com provides service both inside and outside of the U.S.. Guests may fly within the continental United States and up to 225 miles beyond those borders at their standard rate. In the event a guest wishes to fly further than 225 miles beyond the U.S. borders, PanAm.com will guarantee aircraft availability. However flights will be billed at the applicable international hourly rate for the aircraft selected by the guest.

Where do I need to go to board my PanAm.com flight?

When you depart from one of the thousands of small airports serving private aviation, you will benefit from the services of a private terminal called a fixed base operator or FBO. These are small facilities that are extremely accessible and guest-friendly. Ground personnel will be expecting you and will greet and escort you, often on foot, to the private charter jet aircraft for boarding. When your private jet charter departs from a large commercial airport, you can expect to use a similar facility away from the hustle, bustle and headaches of the main terminal. Passengers on commercial aircraft rarely even know these elite FBOs exist.

What type of planes do you operate?

Aircraft come from our PanAm.com fleet of approved affiliate operators. Approved affiliates must have a signed agreement with PanAm.com as well as hold an ARGUS Platinum or Gold safety rating and pass an ARGUS TripCheq before every flight. ARGUS is a worldwide leader in performing on-site safety audits for corporate flight departments, charter operators, and commercial airlines. Aircraft examples are: Eclipse Jet, King Air, Beech Jet, Citation, Falcon, LearJet, Raytheon, Hawker, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Boeing, Bell Ranger

How many passengers can I bring with me?

Please refer to our aircraft overiew section.
* Be aware of possible constraints on the ability of aircraft to carry excessive luggage. If you would like to bring luggage such as skis, golf bags, firearms, etc. please notify your guest concierge at the time your trip is scheduled.

What about having the plane and pilot wait for me at the destination?

It is quite normal to have the pilot and plane wait for you to complete your business at your destination. Keep in mind that Federal Regulations limit the duty day for pilots to 14 hours. You must complete your trip within that time limit otherwise an overnight stay is mandatory and overnight charges will apply. Other Federal Regulations may apply for flight time limits. 

Does PanAm.com provide catering and ground transportation?

Catering and ground transportation are examples of typical incidental items. A PanAm.com guest concierge can arrange incidentals at the time of booking. These charges are reflected on your PanAm.com invoice. There will be a 10% administrative fee added to the cost of the incidental items arranged by PanAm.com.

Do I have to screen through TSA security?

No, although pilots have the right to inspect passengers and luggage.

Who owns the aircraft I will be flying in and why is it available for hire?

Private charter aircraft are usually owned by corporations or frequent travelers. Often, the owner of a jet does not have a need to fly the aircraft beyond a certain number of hours each month or year. By offering the private jet aircraft for hire, the owner obtains revenue that lowers the cost of ownership.

How safe is a private jet charter?

The private aviation industry has the same safety standards as commercial aviation. It is under regulation and supervision of the FAA, the same federal agency that regulates commercial aviation. Charter aircraft are specifically regulated by FAA Part 135 and because private aircraft are largely insulated from conflicts and terrorism, PanAm.com charters are generally regarded as a safer alternative to commercial travel.

What is an empty leg (one-way)?

An empty leg is a trip that the aircraft makes without having scheduled passengers for it, such as when the aircraft must return to its base after a trip. Empty legs are trips that can be booked at a lower cost, but they do not offer the same flexibility as a regular charter trip that is fully based on your own scheduling needs. To view our current empty leg availability, visit the empty leg flights page.

Can I purchase just one seat on a PanAm.com flight?

Not at this time. Unlike commercial flying, when you book a private charter the entire aircraft is at your disposal. Privacy and the ability to select your fellow travelers are among the most sough-after benefits when you rent a private jet.

Who selects the aircraft I will fly on and how is it chosen?

If you wish, our guest concierge can present you with several customized options and make educated recommendations on which type of aircraft is best suited for your needs. This will be based on the information you provide to us relative to the flight distance, number of passengers, amount of luggage and other key factors. From there, you will make the final selection.

How do I pay for my PanAm.com flight?

All personal and corporate travel with PanAm.com require prepayment via a wire transfer at least 24 hours prior to departure. If preferred, we can accept a major credit card with an additional processing fee of 1.9%.

Does the cost to fly with PanAm.com vary with the number of passengers onboard?

No, when you charter an aircraft for personal or business use, you rent the entire aircraft – the price does not vary with the number of passengers. Utilizing the full capacity of the aircraft greatly reduces the average cost per seat.

Do I pay for fuel when traveling PanAm.com?

No, all fuel costs are accounted for in the trip pricing.

Can I change my schedule or itinerary once the trip has begun?

Yes, our guest concierge works in tandem with the pilots of your flight and will take care of all the arrangements on your behalf. You simply need to make your wishes known to them, and they will handle it seamlessly. Please note that changes to itinerary can result in additional costs.

How much luggage can I bring aboard the aircraft?

It depends on the type of aircraft you charter. As a general rule, you can bring one bag per passenger on light aircraft and one small suitcase for a mid-size jet charter flight. The luggage compartment of heavy jets is appropriate to handle reasonable luggage needs for long-haul trips. Please be sure to let our Guest Concierge know in advance if you are bringing any unusually large items such as skis or golf clubs.

Is there a flight attendant on board the private jet charter flight?

Usually not for light and mid-sized aircraft, although one can be made available upon request. For heavy aircraft, PanAm.com provides a flight attendant for all flights, unless otherwise requested.

Do one or two pilots fly the aircraft?

There will always two pilots no matter the size of the aircraft. For heavy jets on long-haul flights, a second crew is made available when necessary.

What are the standard polices, including that for pets and smoking onboard a PanAm.com flight?

They are different on every aircraft because the policies are based on each owner’s preferences. If you are planning to smoke cigarettes or cigars or carry a pet on board the aircraft, we ask that you notify us when requesting the flight so that we can identify a suitable aircraft for your needs.

What happens when I arrive at my destination?

Upon arrival at your destination, you will be met by the ground personnel and personally escorted inside the exclusive FBO terminal where your luggage will be hand delivered without delay. If you have asked us to arrange for car, limo, or helicopter service, your vehicle will be waiting for you in advance of your arrival.

Can I ask for aircraft safety records?

For each request, PanAm.com can provide the latest aircraft maintenance records of the aircraft on which you will fly and can supply the insurance coverage of the charter aircraft operator.